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We present a solution using AI tools to revolutionalize the blockchain.

Our goal is to provide tools for organizations looking to implement AIT security systems for their blockchain networks.

By implementing these AI security systems, organizations are better protect their networks from hacking attempts and ensure the integrity of their data and services

About AI Tools

AI tools are tools that prevent hacking of blockchain by collecting data on past hacking attempts,

analyzing the data to identify patterns and common tactics used by hackers,

develop AI models that can scan the blockchain network for vulnerabilities

Potential benefits of using AI tools

01 Improved security: By using AIT security systems to scan the blockchain network for vulnerabilities and detect anomalies, organizations can have a more comprehensive view of the network's security, which helps detects and prevent potential threats more effectively.

02Increased efficiency: AIT systems helps to automate repetitive tasks and improve the speed at which potential threats are identified and dealt with.

03 Reduced human error: AIT systems helps to reduce the risk of human error by automating the detection and response to potential threats.

04 Better response time: By using AIT security systems to identify potential threats and anomalies, organizations can respond more quickly to potential threats, which helps to reduce the impact of a successful attack.

05 Adaptability: AIT security systems can learn from past attacks and adapt to new hacking methods, which helps to stay ahead of evolving threats.

06Integration: AIT security systems are integrated with other security systems, like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption, to provide a more comprehensive view of the network's security.

07 Cost-effective: Implementing AIT security systems are more cost-effective than hiring additional staff or outsourcing security services.

What We Offer

The problems that AIT solves

01Blockchain AI Scanner.

02AI Nfts generator

03KYC with AI

01AI Profile Identification.

02Advanced tweet classifier

03Smart Contract Audit

Tailwind How it works Component


Phase 1

Market Research

WhitePaper version 1.0

Website/Communities Building

KYC & Audit

Global Marketing Campaign

BSCScan Verification

Airdrop program

Phase 2

Pinksale Fair Launch

PancakeSwap Listing

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing

Social Media Ads Campaign

Paid Marketing & Media Campaign

AI Nfts Generator release v1.0

Airdrop program

Phase 3

Smart Contract Code AI helper

Large influencer marketing

Nfts AI generator version 1.0 release

Listing on major exchanges

AI trading bot version 1.0 release


Airdrop program

Phase 4

Blockchain AI scanner v1.0

More CEX Listing

Dashboard for the clients

Advanced tweet classifier v1.0

KYC with AI v1.0

AI Profile Identification v1.0

Airdrop program

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